Hello folks of Earth, welcome back to the blog.

Lot’s of fun stuff happening in the life of Flo. I’ve been playing out a lot with the band (check the events page to see when we’re coming your way!) recording, and this Saturday I’m releasing an acoustic version of my song “March”. Even though this is a song I have released previously, putting music into the world is one of the most exciting things to me. On top of all that good stuff with some not so great news, I’ve caught the bug.

Yep, that’s right. I’ve got the bug. Usually when everyone else is getting sick I stand by in perfect health, looking down on the fools with less than great immune systems. Karma’s a bitch. I stand by, tea in hand. I was thinking back to when I was a kid, and even though being sick is never “fun”, it was definitely more fun when I could lay on the couch all day and watch Kronk’s New Groove in a feverish daze.

So here are some pros and cons to being sick:

Pro: I can get out of all my classes at college

Con: I’m taking Bio and still have to make  up the lab on Friday. Whatever, that’s a problem for future me to deal with.

Pro: Laying in bed all day

Con: I can’t actually do that because I still have to do things

Pro: Sympathy

Con: None of your friends want to hang out with you because you are a nasty germ pool. Your mom installs a cat door into your bedroom door and slides your tofu through it covered in shrink wrap. It’s cold. You feel like Harry Potter.

Not that any of this is from personal experience or anything….

Basically, being sick is the worst, I hope you are all dosing up on vitamins and getting some good zzzzz’s. Have a germ free day!


xoxox Flo

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