a bit about me

Hello music-lover!  My name is Flo Petite.  I was born in Tennessee in 1999, followed by a few year stint in Connecticut, but I have lived most of my life in western Maryland.  I attend my local community college to keep my mind sharp while I work on having fun with music and honing my performance skills. I started playing shows when I was 14 through the Evolution Rock School, where I learned a lot about being in a band and working with other artists. This experience inspired me to start working on original music with an all-girl band called Plum. As things went, Plum eventually fizzled out, but not before lighting my fire to create more music.  So, I made the decision to go solo, which is where I am today, though I still love collaborating with other talented artists!  I released my first EP ‘Soft Wrinkled Feelings’ in March of 2018 and am currently doing shows through the Maryland Institute of Music. Thanks for checking out my work!