Hey folks, happy Pride month! Very excited that my song “Gay” is finally out into the world. You can stream in everywhere and anywhere.

Remember to celebrate who you are this month, and if you don’t quite know who you are yet, try to relish in the uncertainty. No one knows what’s going on, but The future holds bright things.

Watch the music video here!

Hello folks of Earth, welcome back to the blog.

Lot’s of fun stuff happening in the life of Flo. I’ve been playing out a lot with the band (check the events page to see when we’re coming your way!) recording, and this Saturday I’m releasing an acoustic version of my song “March”. Even though this is a song I have released previously, putting music into the world is one of the most exciting things to me. On top of all that good stuff with some not so great news, I’ve caught the bug.

Yep, that’s right. I’ve got the bug. Usually when everyone else is getting sick I stand by in perfect health, looking down on the fools with less than great immune systems. Karma’s a bitch. I stand by, tea in hand. I was thinking back to when I was a kid, and even though being sick is never “fun”, it was definitely more fun when I could lay on the couch all day and watch Kronk’s New Groove in a feverish daze.

So here are some pros and cons to being sick:

Pro: I can get out of all my classes at college

Con: I’m taking Bio and still have to make  up the lab on Friday. Whatever, that’s a problem for future me to deal with.

Pro: Laying in bed all day

Con: I can’t actually do that because I still have to do things

Pro: Sympathy

Con: None of your friends want to hang out with you because you are a nasty germ pool. Your mom installs a cat door into your bedroom door and slides your tofu through it covered in shrink wrap. It’s cold. You feel like Harry Potter.

Not that any of this is from personal experience or anything….

Basically, being sick is the worst, I hope you are all dosing up on vitamins and getting some good zzzzz’s. Have a germ free day!


xoxox Flo

Guys, gals and other non-binary pals! Check out this super sweet review written by Colin McGuire at Frederick Playlist about my EP “Soft Wrinkled Feelings.”

Tweet Tweet in the morning

Now listen here, before you get all wrapped up in that lovely review, I wanna tell you about how it made my day yesterday AWESOME!  In the morning, I woke up to a tweet that read “@flo_petite with one of the best EPs of the year. It’s charming, it’s catchy, it’s smart and it’s irresistible.” I got so excited that I screamed, multiple times!

When I wake up, I usually wake up in a bad mood, roll over and flail around until I find my phone to get my endorphin fix while I stare at Instagram for 9 minutes straight until I finally get up and do something productive. But, due to this particular endorphin BOMB that was dropped on me, I jumped out of bed, ate my breakfast, and decided that I didn’t hate the sunlight and OPENED A WINDOW. I was actually… DRAWN TO THE OUTSIDE! The sunlight beckoned my name, saying “Flo! Your doctor says your vitamin D levels are low! Come outside, please!”

Newspaper Outing

Anyways, I found out that the review was printed in the Frederick News-Post!   So, my boyfriend/drummer and I took a drive there to get a couple copies to scrapbook or put on my fridge. Before leaving the house I got a notification from my daily mantra app that said, “You are on the right path.” WELL THANKS, UNIVERSE!

Once we made it to downtown Frederick, we headed to Starbucks and bought the last copy of the paper. Before finding the review, I first had to figure out how to navigate a newspaper.  It’s like a puzzle!  But, I FOUND IT!  I stared at it for several minutes and felt, dare I say, giddy.

The Magical sun-voice

 Afterwards, while walking around Frederick (on a strangely beautiful 70 degree day for November), I felt like a million bucks. I paid for parking and gave a homeless man 4 dollars in one dollar bills. “You are a mystical creature of happiness and light,” a voice says to me. I choose to think it’s the sun catching up with me from earlier. “Shine your light on all you pass in life.  And treat yo’self!” I wanted to listen to the magical sun-voice, but I am still unemployed, so treating myself looked like a sandwich and a new bowl, made out of an old vinyl from a record shop, to be used as bedroom decor.

You Are Appreciated

All in all, it’s the best feeling in the world to have your art recognized and appreciated.  It’s a feeling I hope you can all experience in your own time.

You can find the sweet little write-up HERE!

xxxx, Flo